Make work happen from anywhere.

Fleex provides, manages and assists your remote employees with all they need to work in the best conditions.

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Create the ultimate remote experience

Set a monthly budget for each team member and select the items you want in your catalogue. We only curate premium and ergonomic products fit for your team's interior.

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Let your team choose the equipment they love

Give them the flexibility to pick what they want. Desks, chairs, screens, printers, coffee-machines and even snacks. You name it. We deliver and set-up all the equipment for them.

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Manage everything in one place

Get an overview of each of your employee's remote set-ups. Our dashboard takes care of your team's finances for you.

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Sit back, we take care of support too.

Our dedicated support team provides your team with the best remote working experience. We handle all of their requests, so you can focus on what matters.

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Set yourself apart by giving the modern perks of tomorrow.

Be cost-effective With Fleex, you have the opportunity to offer premium equipment that'd be too costly to buy upfront. Your team gets to enjoy top-of-the-line products, at a competitive price for you.

Reduce risk of injury We identify your team's needs to make sure they have the suitable tools to work in the best conditions. We certify their remote office to mitigate against injury at home.

Engage and attract the best talent Bring your company culture anywhere and make your team happier with a set-up they're truly comfortable in. Fleex is the go-to perk for your remote policy.

Fleex is working towards a better future.

Sustainability — We consciously curate our products to reduce our environmental footprint. We pick premium materials so our products last in time.

Circularity — We give our products a second life by reconditioning them every time they get returned to us. Zero waste is what we stand for.