The remote work revolution has only just begun.

The recent crises have exposed the limitations of our urban systems: crowdedness, noise, pollution, external dependence, not enough space... And just like cities, traditional offices are too becoming less attractive. Today, 97% of employees don’t want to return to the office full-time. This attitude shift opens up opportunities for companies to reinvent the environment in which people work.

Fleex desk with computer

Creating a new experience for work.

And with a new environment comes new responsibilities. Employers are now increasingly expected to provide their teams with great working conditions and ensure their well-being and comfort - wherever they may be. But replicating the traditional office in a remote setting won't work, companies must reinvent the work experience as a whole. That is Fleex's mission: to support companies in implementing a new organization for work.

Beyond providing equipment, our platform creates a new experience for employees working from anywhere. We want to maximize individuals’ comfort and productivity, but we also want them to enjoy the fun stuff, like the Friday remote drinks with the team, and the company online events!

No to standardization and waste.

Our founders, Noémie and William, share a strong sense of aesthetics and are convinced that beauty and design play an important role in everyone's creative process. They also became aware of new shifts that were emerging in our consumption patterns: from buying to renting, and also in our work patterns, from the physical workplace to remote working. Bound by these common beliefs, they decided to team up and launch Fleex in 2020.

The Fleex team shares two essential values:

Quality first. Our products are selected for their quality, ergonomics, and uniqueness. We're acutely aware that remote workers too often have to make do with basic equipment, which can even cause injuries in the long-term. That’s why we only select the best. And they should all be free to choose the remote environment that best suits them.

Zero-waste. Fleex is committed to a better future. Once an employee decides to switch their equipment, we repair and recondition them to give our products a second life. We’re determined to build a world with minimum waste.

Consuming high-quality, comfortable and eco-friendly products is possible!

The remote work revolution has already started: will you join?

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